Banana Pi
banana pi BPI-8x8RGB-LED Martix module

banana pi BPI-8x8RGB-LED Martix module


1 Produce Overview:
The Matrix LED module is specifically designed for Banana Pi. The module with 8X8 Matrix LED. User can custom display content through programming. Pay attention, the module do not include driver board. You have to cooperate with Infinity cascade IO expand module 
2 Produce Features:
Full color RGB variation
Square LED point source
Plug and Play
No wire needed
3 Port:
Banana Pi connection port
4 Product Parameters:
Dot Size: 5.0mm
Pixel Array: 8×8
Luminous Intensity: 40mcd 
Package Dimension: 60mm×60mm
Reverse Voltage(Max): 5V 
Forward Current(Max): 25mA
Peak Forward Current(Max): 100mA
Power Dissipation(Max): 100mW
Operating Temperature(Max):-35~+85℃
Storage Temperature(Max): -35~+85℃
Lead Solder Temperature(Max): 260℃ for 5 seconds
5 Typical Application:
Scroll the display
LOGO display
Dynamic signage
6 How to use:
For the Banana Pi ,just Insert these two module like the picture Below, need use on banana pi IO extend board

Banana pi IO extend Board