Bleu Productions is the home site of the Award winning movie director Maria Beatty. Maria is a lesbian and a lifestyle submissive. Her deeply kinky films feature lesbian/queer and genuinely bisexual  women, and are an erotic treat for dykes who are into BDSM and dark play. By joining her site you will be able to watch all her movies in full online.
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All  models were at least 18 years old at the time of being depicted
& comply with US Senate ruling 18 U.S.C. 2257

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Looking for a  sexy read?
Lesbian Stories - Sapphic Erotica written by women

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Fatale Media
They have been going since 1985! Long may they continue.
Fatale are true pioneers of lesbian for lesbian explicit erotica and real dyke porn.

Sappho's Girls
Lipstick lesbian sisters doing it for themselves.

Dark Play
A 100% dyke owned lesbian BDSM site. A must see site for proud lesbian perverts.
Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Lesbian Porn made by Lesbians & Bisexual Women for Women. Many of the sites we link to belong to the Cyber-Dyke Network. We are always on the lookout for sites that don't, as it is our mission to make such sites much easier for lesbians to find. However As a one stop resource for genuine lesbian for lesbian porn Cyber-Dyke reign supreme.

A site for lesbians who love  womens' asses & are into the joys of anal sex.
Posteriority Free Sample Gallery 01
Posteriority Free Sample Gallery 02

Foot Femmes
A delightful, fun, foot, stocking, sox & legs fetish site for lesbians from CyberDyke Net

Twilight Women is a highly original & profoundly erotic website that contains feature length videos of women exploring their deepest lesbian desires. Seduction, slow & irresistible is a key theme. Much of this material derives its inspiration form the Lesbian Pulp Fiction of the 1950s & 60s - especially the works of Ann Bannon, author of such masterpieces of the genre as "Women In The Shadows", "Odd Girl Out " & "Journey To A Woman".

" This is a world of guilty pleasure, of lust and shame, temptation and desire, submissive women who need control."

And it is also another web site where the lovely Zille Defeu of CyDy fame is to be seen!
Zille's former partner Alexi also features.
And Zille has also worked with Maria Beatty.

Click Here to watch a trailer of Maria Beatty's
You can also see some free sample clips on Maria's Bleu Productions website itself

Girl Tools ~ We queer girls love our toys! Here's another great website  from CyberDyke Net - The women of CyDy test all manner of sex toys on themselves and each other. From dildos and vibrators to bondage gear. Written reviews with details of where to buy the toys are presented in a blog style for free. Sign up as a member to enjoy an extensive and ever growing collection of videos of the dykes enjoying their tools. Currently the site has over 12 hours of video. Plus when you join this site you get access to the whole CyDy network with many more hours of hot videos and 1000's of  pictures. Incidentally, Girls Tools is one porn site where you will get to see genuine female ejaculation caught on video. Some squirting sites are all fake, others mix fake and real ~ but on Girls Tools female orgasm and ejaculation is never faked. Just watch out for Penny's genuine surprise & delight when her girlfriend Alice squirts when  using the wand! :)

Abby Winters  Promoting this site over the years has proved to be quite an emotional journey for me.There have been a lot of changes to contend with: including the departure of the mysterious Abby Winters herself sometime ago: and attempts by certain sections of the Australian media to discredit the site and get it closed down. They have now actually left Australia and moved to the Netherlands in the EU.
AW are famed for their Girl-Girl content and the members' site now contains a very large amount of this material. However most of the young women who have appeared on the site over the years have not done Girl-Girl, they have just appeared in solo content. The Girl-Girl content is tiered from 1 to 3. Tier 3 shoots are full-on lesbian sex and they are filmed by all female crews. The girls who do tier 3 are clearly bisexual, queer or gay - I mean they clearly know how to have real lesbian sex with each other. A few are indeed openly gay/lesbian. However most I would say are bisexual. Though that doesn't necessarily mean I believe they are all bisexual identified and fully bi-emotional /biromantic. The important thing is that the Abby girls who do Girl-Girl are girls who like girls who clearly enjoy the sex they're having. You will see real female sexual arousal and orgasms. They are just a joy to watch and some are real-life couples / girlfriends - it's usually made clear when they are .
There is also a tiny amount (comparatively speaking) of Girl-Boy content. AW will only shoot straight sex content with real-life couples. This means t is nothing like typical straight hardcore porn. These are couples who love each other - not porn stars performing circus sex. They make love to each other.

Abby Winters Free Sample Girl-Girl Picture Galleries:
Gabrielle & Jamie - Girls in Love                          Annabel & Jamie - Lovers
Gabrielle & Jamie - Girls in Lust                           Bridget & Serenda - Girls Together
Jillian & Tasmin - Genuine Girlfriends                  Susie & Nikki - Real Girlfriends
Lee & Monique - Lesbian Lovers                          Susie & Melissa - Girls' Night Out
Annabel Loves Briana - Girlfriends                       Isabella Kissing Jenny - Sweet Girlfriends
Tamara and Jennifer ~ Making Love

Watch Abby Winters Videos now @ our VOD sponsor's site!
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Sapphic Erotica: The main rule of this website was that the only adult paysites we would list are owned or co-owned by women and are either lesbian, or at least have a significant amount of lesbian content. The rule has been relaxed somewhat now and an exception was always made for Sapphic Erotica, because rules after all, rules were made to be broken! And because this site has managed to attract many female paying customers, with its female friendly aesthetics. Most of the girls & women featured are probably bisexual but all the sex shown is genuinely lesbian. You can rest assured you will never get any guys suddenly turning up and joining in the fun!
The Sapphic girls are mostly very pretty femmes, but they don't look like stereotypical porn stars.
I'm not guaranteeing that there are no fake boobs to be seen, but there certainly aren't that many!

Sapphic Erotic Free Samples
Jordan and CJ Making Love -  Pictures (a butch - femme couple!)
Brittney and Advril
Sascha and Zara - Movie Clip
Nissa and Trista - Movie Clip We get quite a lot of visitors at reallesbianporn who are searching on google for butches - "butch lesbian porn", "butch dyke porn" and butch-butch as well as butch- femme porn etc. Butch looking dykes are still all too rare and hard to find in porn so Butch-Boi.Com - featuring "Hot Butches, FTMs, Drag Kings, Bois, and all the tools they need - is an exciting find indeed! The site has a store, a forum and a some galleries of free pics of hot, sexy butch bois.

Here is a gallery with some free samples from their first video production Butch Boi Lansing Raw

Stag Street dot com
This is the blog-style website where New York based photographer Ellen Stagg posts her erotic photography - some for free but mostly for members only. While Ellen is heterosexual her erotica is all about girls, girls, girls. Solo girls and girls together. Also her erotic muse is bisexual hottie Justine Joli, and her models include quite a few gorgeous gay and bi girls plus a boi or two. So it has to be said that Ellen's website is most definitely a lesbian-friendly place.

Free Sample Gallery Featuring Zoli

They have created chapters that explore lesbian sexual positions with photographs, explanatory text, drawings, Tantra, and videos. Sapphosophy; takes the form of an arts archive of lesbian material contributed successively by our visitors -

Girls Out West is not an exclusively lesbian site - but some of the featured models are lesbians and there are lots of bi girls, so please read on.
Miss Annie's has much in common with  Annie & Abby are good friends, both Australian, both very talented photographers, & they share a similar approach when it comes to making porn . The vast majority of their models are amateurs- and they all look and act like real women - because they are. The biggest difference between their sites is that Annie's models range in age from 18 to 50 odd, whereas most of the girls on Abbey's site are aged 18-23,  & I don't think she has any models over 30.

Annie loves the way the women on her site express & explore their sexuality; & a very diverse crowd they are too. So if you join this site you should expect variety and diversity - straight sex as well as lesbian. Girl on Girl couples range from bi-curious women trying it for the first time E.G.  Laticia & Elissa, experienced bisexual girlfriends: E.G. Amber & Cindy, and lesbian couples: E.G. Erin & Gemma. Many of the models only appear solo, and this includes quite a few lesbian & genuinely bisexual women.
Annie herself, is a fascinating woman who has studied Media Arts at degree level & is intensely interested in anthropology & sexuality. Like Abby Winters she has an on site  forum. Unlike Abby's forum her's is free for pay site members & non members alike. There she has become very open about her background, sexuality and her motivations for being a maverick, female producer of alternative porn. She clearly had a tough upbringing, though she was spared the intense abuse her older sisters suffered. Her eldest sister is lesbian and Annie says she was lesbian herself for a number of years; however she now loves men and doesn't have sexual relationships with women anymore. Her change of sexual orientation notwithstanding she clearly feels her years living as a lesbian make her very well qualified to make real lesbian porn.

Girls Out West  ~ Free Samples Galleries of just some of their lesbian & bisexual models:
Nina     George     Katrina    Frankie     Absynthe     Cherry     She-Ra    Tom Boy Joey
Randy Straps It On
Hannah & April Making Love         Erin & Gemma - A Happy Couple        Amber

Fiercely alternative, radical and feminist in outlook - No Fauxxx - "No Fakes"  -  is not an all lesbian porn site but a queer pansexual porn site that is very lesbian inclusive and very queer friendly. This is sex-positive porn that's all about showing the true sexuality of the people it features. People of all genders and sizes are featured solo and/or together enjoying lesbian, queer, bisexual and straight sex with real-life partners - whatever is their preference, or preferences. AND No Fauxxx costs just $10 to join for a whole 5 days!
Free Sample Movie Gallery
All bets are off in this DIY directorial debut from NoFauxxx's Courtney Trouble.
NoFauxxx: Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out! ~ Trailer

Pink & White Productions:  Winners of the Hottest Dyke Sex Scene 2006, Hottest Dyke Sex Scene 2007 & Hottest Trans Sex Scene 2007 at the Feminist Porn Awards now have a shiny big paysite for you to join!

Crash Pad Series offers weekly updates of photo sets and/or videos that continue to capture the passion of the most authentic, dirty queer sex on the net. This is where dykes, lesbians, transfolk, femmes, butches, bois and queers of all colors collide. ALL NEW CONTENT, ALL THE TIME!!

Good Dyke Porn
(You'll Know It When You See It!)
Captured on video by Bren Ryder and other incredible members of "Team Good Dyke Porn."

Well I think it's just great all these queer women are making the kind of lesbian porn dykes want to see now. And Bren Ryder sure seems to be doing just that!  Yeh! Go Bren Go!

Seriously, Bren is making waves! if you are into Dyke for Dyke Porn then this is one site you must join! - 1 month's membership can be had for just $20.00!
Girlfriend Films: California based, part female owned & operated adult movie studio specializing in lesbian porn starring bisexual & lesbian actresses who are genuinely into it! They have female and male directors making their films.
Watch Girlfriends Videos now @ our new VOD sponsor's site!
* * * * * Girlfriends Films - Lesbian Porn By Women * * * * *
* * * * * the Thornhill Diaries form Girlfriends Films @ Hot Movies For Her
Nica Noelle of  Sweetheart Video used to write, direct and perform for Girlfriends using the name Sydni Ellis. Nica has stated that she was only interested in lesbian porn/erotica despite being bisexual. However she has recently developed more interest in men and started directing straight couple porn as well.
* * * Sweetheart Video's Video- On-Demand Web Site * * *
There's one HOT bisexual dyke who's got it on with many of the above. That is to say  CyberDyke  CrashPad Series   Marie Beatty &  Girlfriends Films - And  she's also done stuff with Buck Angel "The Man With A Pussy" who we feature on another page of this website.
Michelle Aston
This is her own site and as I say Michelle is bisexual - and on her site she is to be seen enjoying sex with one or two bio males, among many other things - so if you don't like any cock in your porn her site will probably not be for you!!
Click Here For Some Free Pics Of Michelle Looking Gloriously Kinky and Slutty
Free Pic of the Day

International Ms Leather Weekend
The World's Largest Event for Leatherwomen
(And Everyone Who Loves Them!) San Francisco, California, USA.

Julie & Michelle
Free Movie
Watch them fuck
Free Movie
Previews from
I Feel Myself

IFM is dedicated to female sexual pleasure ~ lesbian friendly & inclusive
IFM's sister sites
I Shot Myself
Beautiful Agony

Lusty Reading
After Ellen
A great site about the visibility of lesbians and  bisexual women in the media.

Is She Really?!!!
Lesbian, bisexual & bi -curious? Celebrities
facts & rumours
@ ClubLez

Gingerbeer. Co.Uk
"London's leading website for lesbians and bisexual women. Packed full of information about bars, clubs, cafes, events, shops, social and community

Read all about
The L Word
This is the best fan site we know of for this major lesbian TV drama  series

And Then Came Lola
movie website
The premiere guide to lesbian life in Chicago USA
Not a lesbian site - the clitoris dotcom is a site dedicated to all lovers & owners of the clit. How to please it, how to look after it; its wonders, its mysteries. Includes some very interesting things to say about the differences between girl/girl loving (most womens' natural bisexual tendencies) and actual lesbianism, without being rude, dismissive, or unpleasant about either.

Techno Dyke
A must see resource for all Dykes (Techno or not) everywhere

Free Movie
Dorian & Joie
Watch them fuck
Girls Love Pussy Too
Lesbian Phone Sex For Women
Jo - Lesbian Escort 4 Women
I am a good looking butch lesbian based in London, UK.

10% pff all membership levels @Crash Pad until Fri Dec 3rd 2010! Click Here for more details.
Lily Cade

Pornstar Lily Cade is a rarity in the San Fernando Valley because not only is she a lesbian, she is a "Gold Star" lesbian. Meaning (just in case anyone reading this doesn't know) she is, always was, and intends remaining 100% homosexual. This doesn't mean she avoids the company of bisexual women though. Far from it! She loves to fuck hot bi girls - does it all the time. Lily has worked for some of California's biggest porn studios and now she has her own membership website:
CyDy Weekly FHG
21 images from all the CyDy sites featuring oral sex, strap-on fucking, fingering, fisting, anal sex, and various fetishes. Images in this album change randomly on a weekly basis.
Download your music @ mp3 Panda -
Please :)
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NAME: Donny
To legally marry my Girlfriend...
NAME: Rusty Nails
GENDER: diesel femme gender queer
Shine Louise Houston's Champion - Buy on DVD, Download or Watch Online