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All  models were at least 18 years old at the time of being depicted
& comply with US Senate ruling 18 U.S.C. 2257

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The L Word
This is the best fan site we know of for this major lesbian TV drama  series

Girls Love Pussy Too
Lesbian & Bisexual Phone Sex For Women
Jo - Lesbian Escort 4 Women
I am a good looking butch lesbian based in London, UK.

Here it is - a 2nd page of lustful, lesbian links !
Triangle Films is a female owned girl/girl porn production company that was launched in 2007 and has rapidly established itself as one of the best in the "All Girl" genre. All their movies so far have been directed by Kathryn Annelle. She says hardly anything about herself on the website so I've had to hunt around for information about her.
Kathryn used to work as a  director/camera op for Girlfriends Films, She identifies as a lesbian and says her ultimate goal is to shoot women who enjoy other women. That said most of the women in her movies are bisexual pornstars. On the question of whether they are really into the lesbian sex thing Annelle says: "Triangle Girls are all women that I am absolutely, 100 percent certain I am shooting the woman, not the model. That's all. Most of my women go far beyond the call of duty." I have to say it certainly seems that way - these movies are very good of their kind :) Paradoxically the one women who has starred in a Triangle Film who I know does identify as lesbian is currently in a relationship with a man - Madison Young.
Kathryn Annelle is also happy to admit that she aspires to the femme-femme lesbian erotica of male directors Viv Thomas and Andrew Blake, as opposed to the more "butch dyke" fare favored by some other lesbian pornographers. And certainly if you enjoy the work of Viv Thomas you will enjoy Kathryn Annelle's work also.
The 2010 release of Kathryn Annelle's "River Rock Women's Prison" saw her work become more butch dyke inclusive.

Kathryn Annelle's Triangle Films Video On Demand - I'm not sure  if this site is female owned or not. Either way it contains a lot of material produced &/or directed by men ( as well as some by women)  including a huge archive of Viv Thomas girl/girl movies. So here I am breaking the rules again Lol  - Thing is do Viv Thomas's sapphic movies appeal to lesbians? Yes, in a lot of cases they do. Kathryn Annelle of Triangle Films for example! Do his films appeal to me - yep!. So to hell with it here's a place you can find hour upon hour of them!  There's also a lot of story content - mainly written by women, & a huge archive of vintage lesbian porn photos from the 1970s - Wow sexy women with real tits and generous amounts of pubic hair on display.
To get a good idea of what this site is really all about & whether it is worth spending your hard earned money on I suggest you check out the free movie samples and see if they do it for you. There are a lot of pages of tour before you get to them - too many if you ask me - but all good things........

Fans of Viv Thomas's all-girl movies should note that the Lezlove Viv Thomas archive does not include
all the latest titles from the past few years which have proved very popular with women due to engaging stories and characters as well as hot lesbian love scenes and much higher production values than is usually found in porn. You can view free online trailers and clips and purchase these other  titles using these links:
Unfaithful (The Series) A story  of lust and deception
Office Girls 2 ~ A torrid tale of lesbian romances and sexual harassment in the work place
Pink Velvet Trilogy ~ A story of lesbians and bisexual women emeshed tangled web of love and desire
In The Family ~ A tale of a single mother, her lesbian lover, and her two bi-curious daughters
Tales Of The Clit~ Stories of love and sexual passion between women
Sirens ~ A tale of sapphic spirits bent on seducing any woman who enters their domain
Inside Peaches ~ Six stories starring Peaches, the gorgeous lesbian porn star from Hungary:
You can also watch quite a few of Viv Thomas's lesbian films online @ HotViv Thomas Video On Demand
Digiromp: is an erotic social network for lesbians and all other women who love women.
Juicy Pink Box: is a lesbian owned paysite brought to you by the same women who started Digiromp. Featuring real lesbian and bisexual performers and engaging storylines presented in episodic form. A three day trail membership can currently be had for just $5.00.
San Francisco Lesbians - Dyke Porn Movies  Directed by Cynthia Martin, Micheala Regius & others - featuring real dykes from the streets of San Francisco! The early movies in this series must be among the first lesbian porn movies to show real butch-dyke lesbians in in hardcore action. There are lots of sexy queer femmes to jill over as well.
I Am Trouble
Masuimi Max - one of Christine Kessler's favourite models wants me to promote her site. Well how can I say no to such a heavenly creature?
Masuimi is bisexual and only gets sexual with her girlfriends on her site. Masuimi Max is very hot stuff too :)
Here's some free sample Masuimi piccies
Masuimi Max Poses For Amy Rivera
" Cocksexual isn't your standard-issue strapon site: it's pansexual porn featuring hot models of all orientations and genders. Here, you'll find none of those tacky "lesbian" scenes with discount-bin strapons, or the cliché Mistress Fetishqueen fucking her worthless male submissive. Everything on Cocksexual is exclusive, independent porn made with love and sticky fingers by site owner/photographer Furry Girl and a group of passionate cock-loving models from around the country."

Hot queer women packing strap-on dick abound on this paysite. It is certainly pansexual and lesbian inclusive, however while there are a few actual guys in among all the horny dykes I doubt any actual straight men well be joining the mix - or actual straight women for that matter :) That is to say even the m/f sex on cocksexual is decidely queer.

5% of membership sales of this site are donated to a charitable organization that helps homeless queer youth.

Her First Fat Girl
This is BBW porn star Mandy Blake's lesbian sex site.

Bisexual Mandy and the "skinny" girls she fucks all seem to be having a great time and that's good enough for me - in fact It makes me feel horny as hell!
So check out the free movies on her tour and see if Mandy and her girlfriends do it for you.
Inky Girlsi is a female owned site featuring a bevy of bare-breasted,  tattooed beauties. Several are lesbian and many are bi and they are all hot and fantastically decorated. Cyber Dyke's  Zille  & Nikki are among the featured models. A very nice site for all admirers of tattooed ladies.
RopeLover - This is the bondage & fetish website owned by Lee B Harrington, who was a polyamorous bisexual woman & who is now legally male.

To Quote from Harrington's site:

- In October 2007 I underwent chest reconstruction surgery after debating since my teens about this choice, and have also gone on hormones to start gaining body hair and having my voice drop.  This site is a unique opportunity for individuals to see me thriving historically as a female porn actress, and now enjoying my skin fully as the man I have always identified as in some way or another.  I still perform as a drag queen and enjoy corsets and heels.  But I am a guy with a twat.
& I am the first person on the internet to go through gender transition from female to male while still staying in porn. Enjoy my journey, and witness the erotica first hand as I walk this path towards finding myself.

When Harrington was Bridgett she contributed work both as a model and photographer to several CyberDyke websites including Dark Play and worked with the wonderful Betka Schpitz on her lesbian domination site Dangerous Femme (no longer a paysite), She also worked with Christine Kessler and appeared on the late lamented well as  OnOurBacks. She also appeared in scenes with Buck Angel the Transman Pornstar - see this GALLERY

The RopeLover paysite  includes enough free sample pictures to give you a fair idea of what you will find inside - bio-men are included in a some of the photo sets so- PLEASE NOTE that Lee B Harrington is polysexual not lesbian & if you don't want to see any cock in your porn then his/her website is probably not for you.    NB THERE IS A LOT MORE F2M STUFF ON Page 4.
A Website Dedicated To A Documentary Film about Tantra for Women Who Love Women ~ directed by Betsy Kalin & featuring among others the legendary &  much loved lgbt pornstar turned sex educator,  Annie Sprinkle
You can purchase Hearts Cracked Open on DVD on their website..
Judy Francesconi .com The official website of the iconic lesbian photographer famous for her calendars featuring erotic  black and white pictures of women with women.
Voted "Sexiest Dyke Movie" at the 2009 Feminist Porn Awards
One Night Stand Directed by Emilie Jouvet @ MySpace
Have you heard about this film? It features real French lesbians, dykes & tranny bois. This is where you can purchase it online. The webpage is in French and English.
* * * One Night Stand - English version is now available here on a 90 min. DVD from Fatale Media - price $29.95
Emilie Jouvet.Com
Hot Movies For Her - This is a VOD (video on demand) site who is proud sponsors of The Dinah. And which is adminned by a couple of cool and humorous lesbian/queer ladies who go by the nicks The Porn Librarian and J D Bauchery. You can find all sorts of porn movies here, including a fine lesbian section, selected & presented especially with women of all sexual orientations and persuasions in mind. The concept of VOD is unlike most premium adult sites. There is no monthly membership fee - you just pay for what you watch.
Okay. What on earth is a website called "Housewives at Play" doing listed on a website about lesbian for lesbian porn? Well this is another website with a bi element to it. However what comes across most strongly in creator Rebecca Hap's work is her lust for other women. Rebecca writes and illustrates comix featuring traditional DC type artwork and extremely pornographic fantasies. The objects of her lesbian lust are not lifestyle dykes but other housewives "Hot Moms" she sees down at the park and in  the shopping mall - the average woman next-door.
On one level it's all an hilarious send-up of typical male fantasies about girls at play while hubby's away. But Rebecca comes across as a married woman who really does want to fuck her female neighbors. A bit of cheating with other men is also included but the emphasis is decidedly on girl/girl fun  featuring "lesbian" housewives dining at the Y, fucking with strap-ons and engaging in outrageous sub/dom role-play.
Justine Joli dot com

This is the official website of Justine Joli, a well-known bisexual glamour model and pornstar who specializes in making lesbian porn.

Justine  has worked extensively for lesbian owned studio Triangle Films and also Nica Noelle's Sweetheart Video and Jincey Lumpkin's Juicy Pink Box; as well as notable male director Andrew Blake.

At first glance, because of it's presentation and design, Club Sapphic could quite easily be mistaken as just another "lesbian" porn site for men - full of straight (or at least straight-looking) women just going through the motions of putting on a hot lezbo show for the boys.
However, while this girl-girl porn site will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of men this is girl-girl / lesbian porn made by a bisexual woman (who has at times identified as lesbian) - Nica Noelle of Sweetheart Video who we've already mentioned a number of times.
So look closer and you will see these femme women are having actual sex with each other and enjoying it. Appearance wise the emphasis is very much on femme-on-femme love here, although a few butch-looking women do feature in some of Nicca's work.
Nicca states that "All Club Sapphic models are truly bisexual and/or lesbian, and sex scenes are not choreographed or directed." this is "real sex occurring between beautiful, orgasmic women."
How can a woman be " truly bisexual and/or lesbian " ?  one might ask. Well a woman could feel that way if she really enjoys sex with both but finds she only ever falls in love with women I guess............ Perhaps Nica herself might possibly feel that way......or maybe you do dear reader?

Anyway, if you're a woman or a man, or maybe even a genderqueer, looking for real, authentic, hot femme-on-femme lesbian sex in porn then you'll find plenty of it here. So there!

* * * * * Sapphic Club Free Sample Gallery * * * * *
***** Free CyberDyke Picture Galleries *****
Zille Pleasuring Minx
Butch Femme Anal Lovers
Jiz Lee GenderQueer PornStar Jiz identifies sometimes as gay and sometimes as male. Initially I got the impression that she's only into sex with women - femme or butch or in-between. However it transpires that she also really enjoys sex with some queer men......  She is polyamorous in real life and names Syd Blakovich and Dallas Fivestar as real-life partners.
20 Questions with Jiz Lee @ Hot Movies For Her

Syd Blakovich aka Shawn, Jiz Lee's partner, is probably currently the best known butch dyke porn star in the U.S. Before becoming an adult performer she worked for On Our Backs magazine. Many people seem to assume because she is so butch and fierce that Syd is lesbian identified, however she actually identifies as bisexual on her myspace. The only person with a flesh and blood cock I've seen her have sex with in porn is a girl though - bisexual T-Girl Mandy Mitchell - with whom Syd has shot several scenes and indeed very hot queer sex it is that they have :)
Dylan Ryan Dylan is an experienced performer in queer and alternative porn as well as more "mainstream" porn. She has sex with women and men in porn - mostly women though - and I'm not sure if she identifies as bisexual, pansexual or just "queer", or something else. Her life partner is a male identified dyke called Trucker, they appear together on CrashPad. Although Dylan is obviously very much a femme in the Dyke World she usually gets cast as a butch when she does girl-girl for studios like Hustler.
Dylan won the Female Hearthrob Of The Year Award at the Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards 2009.
She Cards
Send your lover or crush a card in her e-mail
Electronic & Printable E-Cards for lesbians.
Free Movie
Billy & Paul
Trans Queer Dykes
Geek Girl - Abi
Sexuality: Lesbian
Yes we know she has long finger nails. However Abi's 2D:4D
ratio also indicates that she is quite likely to be gay like she says she is.
Geek Girl - Souxie Tsarina
Sexuality: Bisexual
(with a bit of a thing about Vampires)
Geek Girl:
Naked Nerdette
Sexuality: very bisexual (I've had more girl partners then guys)
Real Butch Dyke Lesbians
Watch them now on VOD
Athena Hollow
Sexuality: I love the touch of both men and women.
Geek Girl -Tiana
Sexuality: VERY Bisexual
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Some Real Queer / Dyke Porn Stars and the Websites they run themselves:
Real Lesbian Porn featured websites where you will find Dylan Ryan content : No Fauxxx, Crash Pad Series, Juicy Pink Box, Bleu ProductionsChampion-Movie  Stag Street, Fatale Media, Hot Movies For Her
Other websites she is on where she has sex with women which may be of interest: L Factor (all girl),  and the following Kink Com websites - Ultimate Surrender, Wired Pussy (all girl), Whipped Ass (nearly all girl), Everything Butt and Fucking Machines

Real Lesbian Porn featured websites where you will find Jiz Lee content : No Fauxxx, Crash Pad Series, Juicy Pink Box, Stag Street, Fatale Media, Hot Movies For Her
Other websites Jiz is on which may be of interest: Blue Blood and the following Kink Com website -  Wired Pussy 
Lesbian Lush
U.S. based lesbian community website with lots of interesting features and a sexy edge
Syd also has sex with the delightful Mickey Mod on CrashPad but I haven't caught up with that scene yet - apparently it's a very queer scene even though it's a female with male scene. It is interesting that real dyke porn directors Shine Louise Houston and Bren Ryder are both happy to include the occasional bio men in their porn if and when the sex is still "queer". I'm sure it must have a lot to do with their desire to truly and accurately represent the diverse sexuality of the queer women who appear in their films.
20 Ouestions with Shawn aka Syd Blakovitch @ Hot Movies For Her

Real Lesbian Porn featured websites where you will find Syd Blakovich content : No Fauxxx, Crash Pad Series, Juicy Pink Box, Champion-Movie, Stag Street, Fatale Media, Hot Movies For Her
Other websites she is on where she has sex with women which may be of interest:Blue Blood, L Factor (all girl), Mandy Mitchell and the following Kink Com websites - Ultimate Surrender, Everything Butt

Alt Porn website God's Girls is an awesome place full of pictures and videos of gorgeous alternative pinup, gothic, emo, tattooed, pierced, sexy young ladies that should get you feeling hot and sticky and wet down there. The site has a really strong sense of community to it with many of the models keeping online journals and members becoming each other's cyber friends like on myspace and twitter etc. And even better it's really queer-girl friendly as quite a few of the models are bi and a few gay and there are a good number of female members to be found in the forums - there is even a specific Gay and Lesbian forum  which seems to have mostly bi women posting in it. The model in the banner above goes by the name of Stiletto who unlike most of the models says very little bit about herself in her public profile except that she's gay. She may be pulling legs of course.....but I want to believe her. Of course I do :)
Click Here To View Some Pictures Of Stiletto
Exclusive hardcore sex scenes for direct download VOD, VIP access to live sex shows and adult entertainment, free member uploads at QTube (the first ever Queer adult tube site!), and a community of authentic lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and kinky queers unlike any other.

An exciting new project from Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn of the original and legendary real queer porn website  NoFauxxx. This is a place where you will see queer porn stars who work in mainstream porn, as well as queers who don't, having exactly the sort of sex they enjoy. So you won't see straights pretending to be gay or lesbians being straight for pay or bisexual and queer folk pretending to be anything other than they are here - you'll see people fucking people they love and lust after. Sex positive porn. A major feature is the in depth video interviews where the stars answer questions like: ‘What is your definition of queer and what does queer mean to you?’ and ‘Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist and what does that mean to you?’ ‘What does being a sex worker mean to you?’ ‘How has porn changed your life?’

As Tina Horn says: "I really hope these primary source interviews can be used as fodder against those who say that essentially porn is degrading to women, who say that porn essentially exploits the performers, porn is essentially negative and should be destroyed in our society.

We have people saying “We love this! Don’t take this away from us!” So hopefully we’ll be able to make fools of anti-porn people."

Courtney explains that another important feature for some will be the direct downloads - "so you can purchase the scenes individually instead of just having to be a member, and being a member means you have access to it all, but this way you can buy just the scenes you want."  Mmmm - so there you go guys, if you only want to watch the lesbians, then you can ;)
Real Lesbian Porn
& Sapphic Erotica
Just The Two Of Us
The wildly entertaining story of a pair of lonely housewives who fall into bed together after seeing a lesbian couple holding hands at a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. This vintage lesbian melodrama has it all: Contrived dialogue, hilarious early '70s design and sets to die for (avocado shag carpet, anyone?). Director Barbara Peeters worked with Roger Corman and was a Feminist exploitation film pioneer.
Erocktavision - The home site of lesbian identified director Dana Dane. It is currently being redesigned and will be "Launching Soon!" this has been the case for well over a year now.
So far Dana has directed her lesbian porn for two studios.Her own  - Erocktavision - and L Factor. She directs all the Erocktavision titles. Her Erocktavision style is completely different to her L Factor style. And some reviewers who love her L Factor titles hate her Erocktavision style - which is frankly much more individual - and vice versa. These two free sample galleries from Hot Movies For Her help demonstrate how different Dana's work  for the two studios is:her two styles are:
L Factor - She's My Man 6
Erocktavision - Girls Night Out
With the Erocktavision line Dane has always insisted that all the performers must be genuinely bisexual or lesbian and not just "gay-for-pay" and says she "screens them closely" to ensure this. Whether she applies the same standard to her work for L-Factor is debatable.Dana Dane also recently directed her first boy-girl scenes for Penthouse in a release called: "Penthouse's Guide to Sex Positions" - a video which features 4 girl-girl scenes and 2 boy-girl scenes.